New Years resolutions worth making

We started 2013 with the best of intentions, fired up about lifestyle changes that were going to make our homes leaner and greener, but somewhere in the middle, life happened. I still think eco-friendly New Year’s resolutions are important, and I still make them every year. But this time, I’m going to skip the fluffy stuff like “compost more” and “grow your own food.” You know all of that already. And depending on who you are and where you live, some of that may not be possible. This year, let’s get real. Let’s think about what really matters, and let’s not sweat the small stuff. So you can’t eliminate paper towels or go car free. So what. Neither of those things is going to stop global warming or slow the extinction of honey bees. For every one of us that remembers to bring our reusable bags, there are 1,000 people who don’t give a crap. While these “small changes” make us feel good (at least when we remember to do them) what we need is a massive overhaul of our entire society.
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