Bob Gagosian – From the President’s Office: 2-12-2014

Bob Gagosian (Photo by Will Ramos / Ocean Leadership)

In the summer of 2006, Marcia McNutt, the Chair of the Board of the Joint Oceanographic Institutions, and Mark Abbott, the Chair of the Consortium for Oceanographic Research and Education, asked me if I would assist the two Boards in merging the two organizations. The three of us worked together over the next nine months to create the Consortium for Ocean Leadership. I have been honored and proud to have been the organization’s first President and CEO since 2007.

The vision in creating Ocean Leadership was to shape the future of ocean sciences through large program management; to help coordinate and facilitate joint federal agency programs and initiatives; and to establish the organization through its Members and staff as the place for the Administration and Congress to go to for information and expertise on ocean science and policy issues. I feel we have been quite successful over the past seven years in moving forward in accomplishing these goals. 

I have enjoyed this position immensely. However, I feel at this stage in my career, it is time to move on to the next chapter of staying engaged with the community in a different role. I would like to have time to focus on specific strategic issues of interest to the science community where my experience and expertise can be of assistance, such as on boards and visiting committees.

Last fall, I informed the Board of Trustees of my plans to step down. A search is underway for a new President and CEO (see below) in order for an orderly transition to occur in early 2015. I look forward to assisting in that transition and to watching the organization grow in its influence.

Ocean Leadership is a great organization with a highly dedicated professional staff and a superbly supportive and knowledgeable Board. This is a unique opportunity for someone to make a real difference in the future direction of our field in Washington, D.C. I encourage all of you to think about viable candidates.

Looks like lots of snow for the eastern seaboard is on the way, so if you live in the area, have a great weekend cross country skiing!


Consortium for Ocean Leadership