Bob Gagosian – From the President’s Office: 1-17-2014

Bob Gagosian (Photo by Will Ramos / Ocean Leadership)

As expected, the FY14 appropriations omnibus was released this week, which details how federal agencies will be funded for the remainder of the current fiscal year.  Overall, and as stated last week, most of the funding levels are better than the sequester levels with $ 1.012 trillion in discretionary spending, including an additional $ 8 billion for research and development. This basically cuts the effect of the sequester in half. Although this is good news, there are a few cuts, which will cause losses in some programs.  NSF, NOAA and NASA all received minor increases while Navy took a hit.  However, the Navy basic and applied research lines both increased when compared to FY12 levels. Early this week the House approved the bill and the Senate passed the omnibus last night. The President is expected to sign it before Saturday when the continuing resolution expires,  marking this the first time since FY 2002 that all 12 appropriations bills have cleared Congress and been enacted.

I am sure that you all understand that the devil is in the details and until we see the specific agency spend plans, we will not know the effects on the individual line offices, directorates, divisions and programs and facilities. That process usually takes a couple of months. So, overall this is good news; the sequester is gone; budgets for FY14 are better than we expected for science in general; and there is actually a process in place for normal appropriations to move forward for 2015. 

For the full omnibus budget details by agency, continue reading in the Congressional News section.  As always, we will provide you with any updates as soon as we hear of them. 

Enjoy the winter weekend; take a hike or go skiing or swimming!


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