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NOAA explorers discover deepwater gas seeps off U.S. Atlantic coast. (NOAA)

NOAA explorers discover deepwater gas seeps off U.S. Atlantic coast. (NOAA)

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Book Review: 'The Wrath of Angels'

I admit I have a bias for Irish writers. They have a depth to their souls that many others do not. John Connolly is a perfect example of what I mean. In his 11th Charlie Parker novel, he unleashes that soul with no apologies. In “The Wrath of Angels
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Touchdown for Sustainability: College Football Bowls Increase Efforts

As is the case with most sports, college football—not to mention bowl games—and sustainability do not intuitively go in the same sentence. The long-term sustainability of many of these games themselves come into question considering how many of them there are; 6-6 teams have an opportunity to play in showcases such as the Beef-o-Brady’s Bowl. Then, you have the dubious “charity” distinction and questions about whether these “nonprofits” contribute to local communities as much as they say; the nonprofit organizations that organized 24 bowl games two years ago donated less than two percent of total proceeds to charity.
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Last chance for carbon capture and storage

Carbon capture and storage is a climate mitigation technology designed to reduce emissions from fossil-fuel power plants and industrial sources. This Perspective argues that the very limited implementation of carbon capture and storage technology so far is largely the result of political, economic and social factors, rather than a technological inability to deliver.

Nature Climate Change doi: 10.1038/nclimate1695

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Deep-Sea, Shrimp-like Creatures Survive By Eating Wood

Deep-sea, shrimp-like crustaceans caught in the Mariana Trench get big by eating sunken wood, a new study says.

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A CONVERSATION WITH SINÉAD COLLINS; Studying Evolution With an Eye on the Future

Sinéad Collins is creating evolution in her laboratory at the University of Edinburgh to work on solutions to environmental problems like global warming and marine acidification.
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Oldest Nobel Laureate Dies at 103

Rita Levi Montalcini, the oldest living and the longest-lived Nobel laureate in history, worked on her research until her last day.
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Book Review 261: Britain's Moment in the Middle East 1914-1956

It was a short moment, just 42 years, less then 1% of the Middle East's history. Journalist Elizabeth Monroe's 1963 book also is brief, but concentrated in the way that some English writers have. It holds up well, too, after half a century, which is
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Air Force ships Calif. radioactive waste to Idaho landfill

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After California regulators refused to allow the U.S. Air Force to label residue from radioactive aircraft instruments as “naturally occurring” – declaring it unsuitable for a Bakersfield-area dump – the military turned to Idaho with the same story.

There, military officials met with success. The Air Force is now sending radioactive waste from Sacramento County’s McClellan Air Force Base to a Grand View, Idaho, hazardous waste landfill.

This solution involved a bit of legal semantics rejected in California despite 10 months of Air Force lobbying: The military claimed radium dust left over from glow-in-the-dark aircraft instruments actually was naturally occurring, putting it the same relatively lax regulatory category as mine tailings, according to government memos obtained by California Watch through a public records request.

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Antibiotics or Oregano to Keep Chickens Healthy?

It’s za’atar season in the Middle East and though we don’t really need it, there’s another reason to love this versatile spice: it could be useful as an alternative to antibiotics. Both a perennial herb and a spice mixed with other ingredients, za’atar livens up a host of dishes throughout the Gulf, Levant and Mediterranean. Now a small handful of farmers in the United States are feeding their poultry and livestock an oregano oil mixture in lieu of increasingly ineffective antibiotics, The New York Times reports. And they insist it keeps the animals disease free. Though the numbers are compelling, scientists caution there is insufficient data to substantiate their claims.
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